Our history

What is CNA Group? CNA Group consists of 4 brands: Cata, Nodor, Apelson and Edesa. They are marks of Spanish identity with a great tradition, historical pioneers in the manufacture each one of its star product.


Within the group, the company Cata, with headquarters in the province of Barcelona, began in 1947 its industrial activity with the manufacture of coffee grinders and other small appliances. It started as a family workshop that little by little was reorienting its activity towards the domestic extraction segment. Over the years, the manufacturing and specialization of other products has been expanded, such as the cooking line, the white line or the comfort line.

In 1988 there was a change of direction in the company and that is when Jorge Parladé de Elía became part of the general management, who continues to be part of the organization's engine as Chairman-CEO.

In 1993 the production of extractor hoods began in Torelló's facilities while they were heating engines in the manufacturing facilities of China. Inaugurated in 1997.

Since its inception, CNA Group has been growing and strengthening its position in the market to reach its current leadership in the Spanish domestic extraction market and a benchmark in the international market within its sector.

Leader and reference

- CNA was the first Spanish organization to have its own manufacturing facilities in China. The Group expands its factory internalization to the Asian market in 1997, inaugurating its new factory in Xiao Lan, China.
Regarding the sector, it was the first company in the industry to expand its production in the Asian big engine.

- In 2001, new manufacturing facilities are inaugurated in Sao Paolo to cover the demand of the Central and Latin American markets.

- In the years of greatest factory expansion, there were strong growths in the group that perpetuated with the acquisition of Apelson (2000) and Nodor (2004).

- In the following years, CNA Group inaugurates new cooking factories such as ovens in 2007 and hobs in Spain in 2009, and in 2012 the manufacture of hobs in China.

- 2014 was a year of new incorporations, with the acquisition of the assets and use of Fagor, Edesa and Aspes trademarks.

- In 2018, there is a complete re-launch of the Edesa brand, with a completely renewed range and the latest technology.


Internalization is the basis of our business, both in obtaining subjects and in the search for technology. Currently, to perform the best results it is necessary to move and look for the best alternative. We manufacture in three continents, we make purchases of raw materials in many countries and we sell our products in more than 100 countries.

The growth of CNA Group is marked by its international expansion that includes the creation of subsidiaries and delegations.

Currently CNA Group is present in more than 113 countries.



We launch products and provide services to help improve market solutions.

The development of technological solutions comes from a team made up of professionals: technicians, engineers, designers and direct collaborators who are part of the R+D+I team.

We are a team of almost 50 people strictly focused on bringing new technology to our daily lives. To make life easier by providing integrated innovation in our appliances.

The intense technological development in the different areas has become a real value perceived through new products.

The objectives are to expand the Culture of innovation by integrating an integrated management system for innovation.

We keep innovating!


We could boast cutting-edge technology. Of innovation capacity. Of a great investment to have last generation machinery. We are also proud to be the first to set up factories abroad.

But we prefer to talk about overcoming technology. The one aimed at perfecting the CNA Group products. To adapt them to the needs of the market. To make them even more durable. Tools. Unsurpassable.


We do not settle for technologically perfect products. An extractor; an extractor or decorative hood, a hob, an oven. A new product is a new challenge. And that's why we give free rein to the creativity of our team of professionals.

We are committed to aesthetics. We pursue beauty. And that effort is rewarded with numerous awards, such as those awarded by the prestigious ADI-FAD *. Although, when it comes to design, CATA products speak for themselves.

*Association of Industrial Design of the Promotion of Decorative Arts.


Design is one of our main premises, that's why we create retail, modern and functional pieces. We design and create with the greatest possible rigor.

Each productive stage is governed by personalization to the smallest detail of the components, as well as the symbology and iconography of each range.

We carefully manufacture with high quality materials, always keeping in mind the goal of achieving pieces with a clean and contemporary aesthetic. We create minimalist appliances for those who care about the details. Inspired in a current lifestyle, our mission is to spread strength and commitment in everything we do. We are committed to simplicity and respect for the world around us to help change our world.

At CNA Group, every piece we make matters to us.



Our human team is formed by professionals with a great experience, committed to the maximum with the values of our company, and who have been trained to guarantee a full satisfaction in each client.

But in CNA Group, nothing is random. Everything is perfectly controlled and interpenetrated to respond in a faster and more efficient way. From the arrival of the query or request of the client, until its final resolution, all our departments are launched and work in a coordinated way through an online computer application, which allows the entire process to be managed in a comprehensive manner.

And we are trained to respond to everything you need: product information, guarantees, services, promotions, repairs, maintenance, suggestions, etc.

Because, behind the innovation that differentiates the CNA Group there are electrometrics and much more.


In Edesa we want to facilitate the everyday life of our clients and, therefore, we have a Customer Service Center available from Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

A team of highly qualified professionals who handle requests for information about products or services, points of sale, doubts, request for product manuals or failure warnings.

A service that tries to solve the incidence by telephone as a first option, or informs the technician so that he/she is perfectly documented in order to solve the incident in a single visit and with the greatest possible efficiency.

And, because the client is the most important part of the process, our staff is divided into geographical areas to be able to serve you in the corresponding language.

Because our greatest reward is the total satisfaction of our customers.



CSC Customer Service Center

The distributor has at his/her disposal its own team of CNA professionals in each for the brands: to assist you in a personalized way in the orders, with a single interlocutor who will be responsible for managing the entire process, from the generation of the order to its invoicing.

With multiple online applications so that the distributor is informed of the latest news, promotions, information and documentation of each product, etc.


With all the images of our appliances in high resolution and instantly, so that they can be used in the communication supports of the distributor.


Just a call is enough for a technician to come to the establishment and fine-tune any product on display.


An exclusive telephone number where you will receive personalized and specialized attention.


We arrive at all the sites

We are aware that effectiveness and speed are two key factors when it comes to resolving doubts or incidents of the client. For this reason, our Technical Assistance Service covers the entire national territory with 165 franchised Service Centers prepared to assist you at any time.

Thanks to this, our technicians go wherever the client is as quickly as possible and with the necessary technology that will allow them to connect on-line to the Data Central, thus being able to know all the necessary information to solve the additional incident.

Franchised service centers whose quality is guaranteed by the AENOR ISO 9001, 2008 Quality Management System Certificate.

Because wherever our customers are... we arrive.


The fastest and most adequate solution to your claims is our priority

The correct treatment and solution of the incidents of our clients is our highest priority. That is why all our personnel follow a strict management process that begins with the reception of the client's information.

After this first phase, the most appropriate solution to each incident is evaluated, analyzed and investigated and offered to the client as quickly as possible, usually in less than 48 hours.

Thus, once the resolution becomes effective, the file is closed, carrying out a satisfaction survey that allows us to analyze and evaluate our services regularly.

A complete service that allows us to show our clients that their satisfaction comes first.