Welcome to CNA Group

The CNA Group started its activities with Cata Electrodomésticos, which was founded in Torelló (Barcelona) in 1947.

Since then, the original company has been a pioneer in the business of domestic extraction, with a wide range of products including extractors, conventional and decorative extractor hoods, ovens, cookers, microwaves, taps and sinks.

The beginnings of a multinational

Cata, with its headquarters in the province of Barcelona, started its industrial activity with the manufacture of coffee grinders and other small appliances, but gradually shifted its activities to the domestic extraction sector.

It has factories in Torelló (Spain), São Paulo (Brazil) and Xiao Lan (China) and is continually expanding internationally with the setting up of subsidiaries and branches. The acquisition of Nodor and Apelson was a result of this. CNA Group is currently active in more than 85 countries.

Since its inception, the CNA Group has grown and strengthened its position in the market to reach its current leading role in the Spanish domestic extraction market and a role model in the international market in its sector.

International Expansion

For the last few years it has experienced significant growth in both the Spanish and international markets, based on the excellent quality and high competitiveness of all its products. In 1999 the new factory in Xiao Lan, China, was opened, this being the first company in the industry to expand its production in that country. The international expansion of the company is enhanced by the launch of the production centre in Latin America, with facilities in São Paulo, Brazil.

A significant capacity for innovation, a continuous effort by the R & D department to be ready for market needs and aggressive international marketing are the main reasons for our success. In CNA Group, we are committed to the planet, so our corporate culture is 100% environmentally friendly. We integrate our product development and manufacturing processes in our strategic decisions; this optimises energy consumption and minimises environmental impact, and the use of sustainable materials.

In CNA Group we work with a clear focus on improving the products we sell, adapting them to market needs, making them even more durable and useful. We are not content with technologically perfect products. A new product is a new challenge. And so we unleash the creativity of our team of professionals.

We are committed to aesthetics. We seek beauty. And that effort has been rewarded with numerous awards, such as those awarded by the prestigious ADI-FAD*. Although as far as design is concerned, CATA and NODOR products speak for themselves.